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What is your typical process for working with a new customer?

First of all, we are apt towards ensuring that our customers get the best quotes and provide the exact services they requested for.  We ask question to ensure details information about project and we work with customers budget by not overlapping what is planned for and reconfirmed and follow-up calls.

Do you have a standard pricing system for your service? If so, please share the details here.

Yes we do for all major project. But at the same time, we are very open and always willing to work around our customers budget. Our standard pricing depend on the term of contracts and many other factors comes to play.

How did you get started doing this type of work?

We started during our early year in college. We sat together and think of how best we can impact our community by working for free. Then we began to work for free by offering services to people in our community  for a free of charge and then we were given stipends. From there it became an interesting thing. So, we hired more professional and skilled workers to join us in fulfilling some of the project we were allocated.Wen’t for training, attend certification programs and conferences to be fully updated.
Today we are doing great and ensuring that our customers are satisfied. We know this via paying a close attention to each review that we received. We empower ourself by taking into account every bit of reviews. We are not there yet, many rooms for us to doing more greater jobs.

How long has your company been in Business? 

We have been in business for over 7 years now in Houston. Although we started with a team of two people with different background who went about fixing computers such as; laptop, desktop and apple mac book etc. We became known via our services, unbeatable when it comes to pricing because what we do is almost as free but a tips at the end of job.

Favyon and Juwa were formerly co-worker in the same organization who then merged to do side work to make some extra cash. At one point, we couldn’t handle all customers that we received and decided that, its better we look for more experts or well trained personnel to join our team.

What is most challenging for us?

What we find most challenging is how to explain to customers who seems not having any background on the services we carried out. We most time spend few extra time in explaining to customers and demostrating how electronic devices works and what could hinder them from doing what they were designed to do. This aspect is one of the challenges we face because without communication, our job is at stake. Customers would want to knwo what went wrong with their appliances and deserve a simple anguage of understanding.

Is there any applicances that is not covered by Jay-B Services?

Well, to the glory of God, we have tourched most of appliances that you can name. We hardly can name any appliances that we have not repaired in the past till this moment. So, with that, we have not seen any home appliances that we have not worked on and we succesfully complete their repair. If I will put that on a scale, the percentage of appliances completed will be 99.99%. We speak the language of the manufacturer because we understood the design of the manufacturer.

What other Services  Jay-B & Group Covers?

As far as Handyman is concerned, we covered a wide range services and we currently working on another business website called “helpmyneed” which will be launched very soon. The same website will give customers to make an appointment or request a servies and placed a schedule that works for them.

This site will cover Houston and its neigboruing cities. Therefore, client virtually have the help they needed and they know exactly who they are dealing with rather than other marketing websites that relied solely on varios Pro regardless of their background or experience but all they are intrested in, is to pair customers with Pro and get their money irrespective of good or bad job. But as for our future webpage, we aim at 110% satisfaction but ofcourse it may seems difficult because their is always someone who will not be contended with what they received or manybe feel unhappy about certain thing or the other.

That does not stop us from reaching a common ground to ensure we make such customers happy. We would never ignore any of our customers regardless of their stand because we are more fascinated at resolving issues. We have done that and will continue to do so. That is what makes us standout amongst many Pros.

 Is Jay-B & Group a Registered Company?

We are registered company, insured and bonded. We are also certified in some projects handling  and we take safety as our top most priority whenever handling any contracts or renovation projects.

 How many employees have Jay-B Services?

Presently Jay-B & Group Services (Electronic Services) have about 8 employee at the moment but our sub-contractors are about 15. We also received contracts from our sub-contractors which technically means we all work hand-in-hand. We respect our individual areas of specializations.

What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?

Customers must understand what they want to do, research few things about the projects, ask question from reliable source, and find out what the estimate should look like before hiring a Pro. By so doing, this will allow them to be fully aware of their project and what will be coming out of pocket. Although few customers hardly do this and that is why some end up paying a token for a project that worth more, and at the end, they get a bad job done by some Pros. This case could be vice-versa. We have talked to some client and they had a bad experience in some projects that was completed for not researching well before initiating a Pro.

So, we do strongly recommend that our client do some basic research not intense in other to help their project budget instead of going off-the-track. There are true-cost link that will be of help online. Please take advantage of it and know what are you spending your money on. That is when they encounter a quote that seems too high, they can discern pricing and still get the best. Other than that, they may not get the best due to lack of research.

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