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At Jay-B & Group Services, we are more concerned about customer satisfaction and quality assurance. Many home owners ask a basic simple green questions such as:

  1. Who is Jay-B?
  2. How long has JBG been in business?
  3. Who owns the business?
  4. How can we trust your company?

To begin with answering some of this questions, one thing that is very important for all new customer is to know that, no payment is due if job is not satisfactorily done and completed. We stands for quality and satisfaction. We are not interested in the final bill but rather, our interest is in your satisfaction. Other than that, that would not be our tradition. We have a slogan that read ” You don’t like it? Don’t Pay” Also, this terms are incorporated into our policy. That is our terms and condition covers this statement of satisfaction.

We would rather stick to customers that are willing for quality assurance than having tons of project that are cheaper to the customer and ended up with a horrible feedback. But with our system of satisfaction, if a customer is willing to go so low in which will affect our quality job, we turn such bid or proposal down because we have to maintain standard and great review. Any negative review you will learn about us will be “they did an excellent job but the pricing was way too high” That has happened maybe 2 out of 100 customers but we rarely received such complains.

There are so much to say about how we run our business but you will get to discover it as soon as you hired our company. We are very honest people and everything we do is not just for the purpose of making money. That is never our driving force. We do them because it is our professions and we love doing them. Many customers in the time past has received FREE SERVICES that turns out to great referral from them. We still do the same. Basic project most time is free with us. That is just for you to know that we are not just out there to exchange our professionalism for money but rather for customers satisfactions. That is our top priority.

To answer the green question, who is Jay-b group? I will quickly reference to a football team game for instance. A football game is played between two teams of 11 players each.  The football team is made up of 45 players, ranging in size, speed and their roles within the team. Each players has their roles, speed and size. This explains in a summary what Jay-B & Group is. We are a team of expertise in various aspect of specializations. We ranges from task to task and are able to fulfill what it takes to build a house and etc without subcontracting a pencil to draw.

How long we have been in business? This question has been addressed on page about our company. Quick note, we have been in business for more than 7 years and we decided to come out of the shadow like people say. Don’t hide your best. Make it known.

Who owns the business? Business manager and CEO is Desmond Stuyi.

How can we trust your company? The word trust is something big in that, to deal with trust is to have a verifiable sources or references of past project. In other for us to gain your trust, we must submit a number of references that are willing to showcase their home or project that was completed at their home. But I can assure you that, to the Glory of God, if we choose 10 home owners at random to ask for their testimonies, 10 out of 10 will be more than happy to do so. The same 10 customers does not necessarily meant that, we have their review online because happy customers don’t usually leave review but they are available for references and would refer your company to others.

So, we don’t ask customers to leave a review once we received their review and job completion review which comes before final payment is made. That is Jay-B culture and we sticked by it.

God Bless!

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