Promotional Offer

Welcome! We are glad you are here and we look forward to provide you with the information you need to get things done. To take advantage of our promotional offer, you can request for an estimate through the contact provided on the flyer below. Home owners are really saving Big on major project that could have cost them tens of thousand but with Jay-B & Group Services, you will be saving a lot because their are lot of projects on ground that needs to be taken care of without delay.

Also we want to at most keep all our customers out of the hand of devourers because many Contractor out there are hurricane contractors who present them-self as a company that has been in business for decades whereas they were overnight business entity as a result of hurricane. So be on the look out and don’t fall into their bait because they will eat your $$$ raw and no traceability.

Although not all overnights Contractor are terrible but you hardly can tell which is the good one among many that are out there.

Remember your power lies on the information you received. Kindly share with friends, families and colleagues to empower them with vital information.


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