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This is a Must Read! Home Owners

Home Owners are always looking for a Handyman who could perform a varieties of task for them. Not because they are lazy but the reason varies across experiences and age. In the course of meeting customers, we totally understand that not all home owners followed our DIY-Program, the reason been that, they were either afraid to perform the task because they either believe it could get worst than what it was.

There has been a challenge in this smaller task (that our company ended up doing for Free for majority of our customer). Some Home owners are not willing to pay what the price is worth because of the peculiarity of the task. In this sense, it may take a Pro to drive 30 to 40 minutes to a customer who is willing to pay for instance $40/hr knowing-fully well that the project should not take anything more than 30 minutes. With that said, it become so difficult to chip in explanation why the task may be more than what is budgeted. This is where the issue lies between client and Pro.

Jay-B Services came up with the DIY program which customer could call in to get help for FREE. This will prevent any sort of embarrassment that could occur between Pro and Client. Majority of Pro will not be willing to drive 50 miles to and fro for a handyman task that will yield $40. Preferably it is better for customers to have multiple of task which they can ask for bids from different company to complete those task for them at a reasonable price.

Finally, our lines are still open for any sort of help (small task) which you can receive an instruction to follow. We do not guarantee any work that is performed on DIY. All risks and complication are client responsibility. But we will try our best to get you fix it your self. If it is simple it is simple.

If you have a small project such as mirror hanging and you live far from the company you are asking to show up and do the job for you, it is better to inquire if they have a DIY program. if not, you could look for a handyman neighbor who would end up doing it for Free.

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