Jay-B & Group offers home design and organizing. Especially when customers are not sure of how to organize their home. Our expertise will assist you in doing so and one thing that is a top priority with us home organizing is Safety and Security. Making sure that home gadgets are properly secured wherever installed and not in the way of possing threat. Another thing is space consideration, setting up home gadgets may in most cases consume all of the available space but with our expertise, we maximize space and minimize arrangements.

Interior art design. We do all forms of wall design to including painting, crafting installation and wallpaper and etc.

Stone Wall Wall MuralBrushed Wood Wallpaper, Tuscan, Double Roll

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contemporary wallpaper                                                                             rustic wallpaper
Saville Wallpaper, Black, 20
contemporary wallpaper
Glitterati Wallpaper, 20
contemporary wallpaper


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Jennifer N.

Set up my bed very nicely and in a timely manner! Would hire again thank you!

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