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We offer Free Estimate Request: Kindly take advantage of our online access to schedule an appointment. Note that, each employees have been reviewed and regardless of whom you choose, professionalism and customer services is ascertained.

We take pride in what we do and we are proud of our employee. They are professional at what they do. Do not hesitate to book for an appointment now.

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Learn About Our: Small Task – Small Truth

Jay-B Services came up with the DIY program which customer could call in to get help for FREE. This will prevent any sort of embarrassment that could occur between Pro and Client. Majority of Pro will not be willing to drive 50 miles to and fro for a handyman task that will yield $40. Preferably it is better for customers to have multiple of task which they can ask for bids from different company to complete those task for them at a reasonable price.

Finally, our lines are still open for any sort of help (small task) which you can receive an instruction to follow. We do not guarantee any work that is performed on DIY. All risks and complication are client responsibility. But we will try our best to get you fix it your self. If it is simple it is simple.

If you have a small project such as – mirror hanging, curtain installation and you live far from the company you are asking to show up and do the job for you, it is better to inquire if they have a DIY program. if not, you could look for a handyman next neighbor who would end up doing it for Free. There are great apps like next-door.

Find out from your neighbor if they could provide the help or ask for a Free Estimate from their previous handyman (referral). Customer does not know the actual cost of a project but could only guesstimate a number that does not correspond to the cost of running the project. It is better to do some research about project before heading in the direction that could hurt your dollars without turning back at after committing to contract work. Check within your locals to learn more  information about your project. Thank you for taking the time to read through our helpful information hints.

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