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Thanks for visiting our webpage. We do appreciate your curiosity wanting to know about what we do as company. First and foremost, we are a professional services and a general contractors that provide services for Residential and Commercial. We have been doing this for years and we are launching into the world of innovation by constantly reviewing our services to ensure that, we meet standards and requirement.

Jay-B & Group Services LLC covered different type of project from construction to remodeling and a number of other things that are categorized into different project. We maintained 110% customers satisfaction and we ensure that our relationship with customers are free from complains. We have the best Pro with at least 8 years of working experience in skilled labor.

It had always be our goals to deliver what we promised to our customers and to make project easier via the nature of our services and expertise. Making home and office better. We have a great focus on helping our generation since present world has leaned towards more technological and soft science egoism. That is why we came up with a group of expertise merged to form an electronic means of rendering various services to all. We are more driven towards making request, project and contract jobs easily accessible to all of our customers. Our goal in prospect is to have many of our clients to be able to have an account with us and to schedules online for a number of services request, project inquiry, delivery request, home automation and installation that is needed with a specified time.

Please feel free to navigate through our website and get the information you have wanted to know.

At Jay-B & Group, we enjoyed what we do for a many reasons but few of which are; We ensure we meet the needs of our customers, we are happy whenever our customers shows satisfaction, we go extra miles with all of our customers, knowing that costumers are the reason why our business exist. Without them, our business is nothing. So, we are driven by their happiness and satisfaction. That is why we take pride in what we do because we do them to the very best and as expected. We have gone over the bar of 100% to satisfactorily satisfy our customers.

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We started while at University. We sat together and think of how best we can impact our community by working for free. Then we began to work for free by offering services to community free of charge and then we were given stipends. From there it became an interested thing. So, we hired more professional and skilled workers to join us in fulfilling some of the project we were allocated.
Today we are doing great and working for less to build our review since we had few contact of people who we have worked for, for free.

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Complete Renovation and Remodeling | Home Restoration and Upgrade

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