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Thanks for visiting our webpage. We do appreciate your curiosity wanting to know about what we do as company. First and foremost, we are a project manager who also provide services to home and businesses. We have been doing this for years and we are launching into the world of innovation by constantly reviewing home and offices devices that can better serve our customers inimg_7705 all area of life.

This has been one goal which is to deliver what we promised and to make life and home better. Our generation is leaning towards more technology that is, focusing on how to make things around us smart. Which implies that Technology is all about improvement on making life better. Which is a reason why we invest our time in researching and researching over and over again on all new technological devices that are produced and valued by men. On this website, you will be learning a lot and we will provide information that will help our customers and visitors get the knowledge of what their project entails.

Please feel free to navigate through our website and get the information you have wanted to know. Also we would provide links to some product information. One of our interested technology is the PocketPC. A computer in it’s smallest phase that carries different application and functioned fully like your laptop or desktop.

Do you know what GPElectronic is all about?
GPElectronic Inc

The phase of Technology keeps changing. It is very welcoming to see how fast things are changing around us. Although many of this thing are part of what makes economy grow and as well it is what defined an advanced Country. Regardless of the beauty and innovation that are setting the space for growth,  people are now becoming over dependent on technology in other to get things done. With that said, we ought to remember that, the more we advance in Technology, the less human effort is needed to do a job. This of course an advantage to the capitalist because, less labor power is sold but techmore surplus production.

That is why Jay-b Group is working closely to help reduce the cost of replacing some of this expensive technological gadget and getting the necessary training to ensure that, our customers that are not under warranty can still enjoy what they have purchased. Customers most time are not happy especially when they detect that their home appliances that they depend upon for daily living breakdown, they call for replacement or repair if not under warranty.  Company like us, are investing our time and skills to solving daily problems with home and office appliances.

Relentless, Innovation, Brainstorming, Finding and Discussion

How to respond to changes in Technology?

One way out of many to respond to technological transition is to be prepared and be aware of what they are meant for, their advantage and disadvantage, and choosing the right thing at the right time. Some people will buy anything out of curiosity and getting to know that it is not necessary for them. So, do not buy what is not useful for you because you may end up not using them at all until they fades away.

What must be done to keep up?

Keep on flying high so that your eyes becomes an eagle eye which oversees many thing at a time but makes the right choice per time. Up above technology and do what is necessary per time without selling your precious time to figuring out what is not meant for you or your family as well your office. Will a painter use gyro-copter to paint a building? I believe No!

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