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Home Theater Installation, Systems | Audio Visual Setup & Whole Home Audio Company.

We offer one on one approach to our customers by concerning ourselves with their specific needs. Because of our specialty, we are able to carry out some specialize home system management and setup. Some of what we do are:

  • Home Automation
  • Home Theater Installation
  • Distributed Audio/Video
  • Home Cinema Installation
  • Home Computing and Networking
  • Home Security Improvement
  • and many more…

We do offer personal design solutions to integrate technology into your lifestyle. Integrating many different brands, systems, and technologies into a cohesive unit is a skill that some lacks, but it is a traditional practice for us. We are a full Home Engineer that plan, organize, and setup your home in a unique design. That is why, we have some specialized Home Theater Contractor, Audio/Video Contractor, and Home Automation & Home Security Contractor serving the Houston area. This is part of what we do as a group of talented, educated and skilled handyman who goes about fulfilling the aforementioned duties on daily bases.

We recognize that many of our clients, just want it handled. They want it simplified, understandable, and they want it to work. We take this to heart when we design systems. Instead of going off into the world of unproven systems, we stick to the best new technologies in vogue, and are constantly researching and testing other systems at our facility. We know you want a Home Theater, Automation, and Security System that just fits into your environment. We’ve been doing this for over 6 years and have earned great numbers of review from prominent marketing website like yelp, thumbtack and home advisor. over 2000 clients recognizes us in Houston area and we are proud with this number because we are moving forward despite many competitors who by no means can handle what we handle but give-up on most jobs that we end up handling.

We ensure to consult with our clients on the design, layout, and installation process before commencing at any given project.


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