Desmond Stuyi

Jay-B & Group Services

Jay-B & Group Services is a locally owned business that is concern with improving homes, construction and remodeling private and commercial properties. We pride in making properties better through our various services that we offered. We have been servicing the Houston area for about 9 years and still doing so with great customer satisfaction. We are LICENSED and INSURED.

We are a group of expertise for all of your Home improvements project and Commercial Big projects,. No project is too small nor too big for our team to handle. We have helped many homes recovered from flood, build from blueprint, add extension to home and remodel bathrooms and kitchen upgrade.

Home improvements and Renovation are on our list of great customer Services and quality delivered.

We covered up to 50 miles away from our major city and within Houston area. Our services are exceptionally great both in customer services and quality of services delivered. We guaranty our quality work.

Jay-B & Group Services is a known for quality project, price friendly, well informed and offer Free Estimate within specified miles. Our Company is the type of Professional service you need for your homes and businesses handy project or major project. We cover them all. We also refer other companies especially on project that we work hand in hand with such as plumbing and electrical company.

JaybGroup will delivers whatever promised to clients and subcontractors. We will take you along the process and steps of every project. We have the best estimate and unbeatable.

When you think to fix it? When you think to Install it? When you think to repair it? When you think to secure it? When you think to make life better? Think Jay-B & Group! Our extensive services makes it easier and possible for us to do what we do @ the best! We will always do our best to keep you up-to-date on projects request. We are someone you can trust!

Thanks again for considering Jay-B & Group Services LLC
We look forward to earning your business. Think Jay-B & Group!

Brandon F. Peter. 
Contractor | Team Manager 
I have enjoyed been a team in this company. I have learnt on the job as well despite all of my years of experience in home Improvement and renovation. JaybGroup is the place to think about when it comes to home project whether major or minor. We will take care of it for you.

M John. 
Contractor | Project Specialist 

It is a great pleasure and opportunity to be a part of Jay-B & Group. It is indeed a team of well knowlegeable personnel. I actually thought it would be very competitive to have this type of business to function in a world of competitor that are ready to take your experise for less. Jay-bgroup has proven beyond the call of duty with the way an manner they run schedule which gives rooms for flexibility. In my 6 years of experience with other company, I have never experience such a great customer services that I encoured within the company.

Jay-BGroup team are wonderful people and always takes their job vehemently. Set goals and reach their goal. I have brought all of my experience to continue to be a strong team player at jay-bgroup and I will continue to do so. I strongly believe in few years (maybe 2 years) from now, Jay-BGroup would be the number contractor company in the Houstonian community. Reason been that, we are so unique and our expertise paving ways.

We ensure we serve all of our customers with some level of attitude. As the saying ” Your great attitude will determine your attitude”. That is where we are going as a group and we are not competitors but a substitutor who is replacing what the bad experiences customers heard with great experience. Tha is who we are and that is what we will continue to do. Making People and Property Better by constantly doing what our customers and client request for.

Thanks once again for allowing me to be a strong team member.

Debbie G.
Schedule Manager | Lead Coordinator


It is my pleasure for been a part of Jay-B & Group (JBGroup), I have been a premium partner since 2012, it is amaging how our services has positively affected many lives and we will continue to do so. Let me speak about our tutoring services which is the area of my specility. Our tutoring services started in 2012 alongside with Jay-B and we have tutored and help many students to do absolutely well in their academic courses. Jay-B tutoring services also offer online tutoring and maths problem solutions. It is my recommendation that parent be aware of thier child skills and knowing what to do per time. That is why JBGroup Tutoring Services is here to help improve your child learning skills and mathsability. Parents! Remember the verbiaje “Knowledge is Power” so, Jay-B is willing to impact knowledge into their lives.

Sam Ej.
Assistant Director
Jay-B & Group Services

I joined Jay-B as the assistant diector in 2013, I was a former employee of NNPC who migrated to US. I met with Desmond and he told me about the vision of Jay-B Services and it really caught my attention. I knew this would be a service that will thrive in Houston area. Although I did couple of research about what people really need and what they can’t afford to spend their time on. It all came out to be some handyman work, small projects as well as needing an helping hands. Customers are fedup of big companies services, especially in the area of delay in what they needed to be fix as soon as possible.

This is one of the thing that we offered to our client. That is meeting their need in a timely manner. We are absolutely a great contractor that handle task for customers. We ensure that our sub-contractors are well experienced in what they do. Some of the job we handle are both small and big projects. So, we do not under-estimate or be selective on the type of project we handle. Every project is important to us and that is what makes us different as a group.

Barbie Elphus

Account Specialist| Project Manager

Jay-B & Group Services

In charge of Analyzing financial information and prepare financial reports and effectively delivering accounting services that enhance the company’s purpose and profitability.  Also, Offers the following expertise:

  • Strong technical accounting skills
  • Excellent research and financial analysis abilities
  • In-depth management reporting regarding the finances of establishment and of accounting regulations and standard
  • Developing and implementing financial systems and controls
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Facilitation of internal and external auditing procedures
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Staff management and development

She is strongly committed to improving overall business processes, proper handling of scheduling and dispatch, with a coherent customers service environment. All projects are been monitored by constantly checking on teams jobs.

Fernando Al.
Technical & Material Specialist
Jay-B & Group Electronic Services

Peter Johnson (Team Member) | Handyman Specialist

Tony Lionel (Team Member)

John Henandez (Team Member)

Thomas Alberto (Team Member)


picture2We are dedicated group of people.

We are expertise in what we do.

We are a stronger when together and strong when assigned a task.

We are not Jack of all trade but a division of Expertise in different field

Jay-B & Group had worked the way to the point of building a trust in all of our customers and will continue to do so. This is what we promised, to always deliver and be best at doing it. This earned us great remarks on Reliability, Dependability, Honesty, Consistent and  undefeatable.