Jay-B & Group Services is a locally owned business that is concern with improving homes, construction and remodeling private and commercial properties. We pride in making properties better through our various services that we offered. We have been servicing the Houston area for about 9 years and still doing so with great customer satisfaction. We are LICENSED and INSURED.

We are a group of expertise for most of your home and business needs. We cover a wide range Commercial Big projects. No project is too small nor too big for our team to handle. We have helped many homes recovered from flood, build from blueprint, add extension to home and remodel bathrooms and kitchen upgrade.

Home improvements and Renovation are on our list of great customer Services and quality delivered.

We covered up to 50 miles away from our major city and within Houston area. Our services are exceptionally great both in customer services and quality of services delivered. We guaranty our quality work.

Jay-B & Group Services is a known for quality project, price friendly, well informed and offer Free Estimate within specified miles. Our Company is the type of Professional service you need for your homes and businesses handy project or major project. We cover them all. We also refer other companies especially on project that we work hand in hand with such as plumbing and electrical company.

JaybGroup will delivers whatever promised to clients and subcontractors. We will take you along the process and steps of every project. We have the best estimate and unbeatable.

When you think to fix it? When you think to Install it? When you think to repair it? When you think to secure it? When you think to make life better? Think Jay-B & Group! Our extensive services makes it easier and possible for us to do what we do @ the best! We will always do our best to keep you up-to-date on projects request. We are someone you can trust!

Thanks again for considering Jay-B & Group Services LLC
We look forward to earning your business. Think Jay-B & Group!

picture2We are dedicated group of people.

We are expertise in what we do.

We are a stronger when together and strong when assigned a task.

We are not Jack of all trade but a division of Expertise in different field

Jay-B & Group had worked the way to the point of building a trust in all of our customers and will continue to do so. This is what we promised, to always deliver and be best at doing it. This earned us great remarks on Reliability, Dependability, Honesty, Consistent and  undefeatable.